Foreign Asynchronous Code

Using callbacks or awaitables from other libraries

Several functions are provided for transforming functions into awaitables-aware callables. You can easily turn common callback-based code into a function returning an awaitable with Icicle\Awaitable\promisify():

use Icicle\Awaitable;

function asyncWithCallback($callback)
    // Do stuff, then call $callback later.

// Promisify the function.
$promisified = Awaitable\promisify('asyncWithCallback');

// Call the promisified function.
$promisified()->then(function ($greeting) {
    print $greeting;

You can also use awaitable objects from other libraries that implement other interfaces with Icicle\Awaitable\adapt(). This function takes any object with a then(callable $onFulfilled, callable $onRejected) method and returns a new Icicle awaitable that wraps around the original object. Below is an example of adapting a ReactPHP awaitable:

$reactAwaitable = new \React\Awaitable\Awaitable(function ($resolve, $reject) {
    // Resolver

$icicleAwaitable = Icicle\Awaitable\adapt($reactAwaitable);

See the Awaitable API documentation for more information on Icicle\Awaitable\adapt().

Using the event loop in ReactPHP code

If you need to use a library designed to work with ReactPHP, you can use the React adapter to pass in the Icicle event loop to functions that need a React event loop.

The adapter provides a class Icicle\ReactAdapter\ReactLoop that implements React\EventLoop\LoopInterface. This React-compatible event loop is simply a wrapper around the global event loop, and serves as a direct replacement to a real React loop.

Below is an example of how we can use 'Predis\Async', a React-compatible library, with Icicle.

use Icicle\ReactAdapter\ReactLoop;
use Predis\Async\Client;

// Create the loop adapter.
$loop = new ReactLoop();

// $loop can be used anywhere an instance of React\EventLoop\LoopInterface is required.
$client = new Client('tcp://', $loop);

The loop adapter implements all the React event loop features and can be used anywhere a React loop is required.


Since a ReactLoop object is just a wrapper around the global event loop, every ReactLoop object accesses the same Icicle event loop. Thus, it's not necessary to keep track of ReactLoop instances and each React component can use different instances if it is convenient.

For more details on how to use the adapter, see the package's README file.

Using awaitables in ReactPHP code

If you need to create an awaitable that React code needs to wait on, the adapter package also provides Icicle\ReactAdapter\ReactPromise, which implements React\Promise\ExtendedPromiseInterface and provides a bridge to Icicle awaitables.

$icicleAwaitable = new Icicle\Awaitable\Promise(function ($resolve, $reject) {
    // Resolver

$reactPromise = new Icicle\ReactAdapter\ReactPromise($icicleAwaitable);
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