An in-memory, writable, seekable sink.


Icicle\Stream\MemorySink acts as a buffered sink with a seekable read/write pointer. All data written to the sink remains in the sink. The read/write pointer may be moved anywhere within the buffered sink using seek(). The current position of the pointer may be determined with tell(). Since all data remains in the sink, the entire length of the sink is available with getLength().


use Icicle\Coroutine;
use Icicle\Loop;
use Icicle\Stream\MemorySink;

$coroutine = Coroutine\create(function () {
    $sink = new MemorySink();

    yield $sink->write("This is just a test.\n");

    yield $sink->seek(15);

    yield $sink->write("sink ");

    yield $sink->seek(0);

    yield $sink->read(0, "\n"); // Last `yield` acts like `return`

echo $coroutine->wait(); // Echoes "This is just a sink test."
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