Interface for factories used to create server instances from a IP or unix socket path, port number (null for unix socket), and list of options.


    string $host,
    int|null $port = null,
    mixed[] $options = []
): Icicle\Socket\Server\Server

Creates a server bound and listening on the given ip or unix socket path and port number (null for unix socket).


string $host
IP address or unix socket path.
int|null $port = null
Port number or null for unix socket.
mixed[] $options = []

An associative array of server socket options. The possible options are given below.

Option Type Description
backlog int Connection backlog size. Note that the operating system variable SOMAXCONN may set an upper limit and may need to be changed to allow a larger backlog size.
pem string Path to PEM file containing certificate and private key to enable SSL on client connections.
passphrase string PEM passphrase if applicable.
name string Name to use as SNI identifier. If not set, name will be guessed based on $host.
verify_peer bool True to verify client certificate. Normally should be false on the server.
allow_self_signed bool Set to true to allow self-signed certificates. Defaults to false.
verify_depth int Max levels of certificate authorities the verifier will transverse. Defaults to 10.
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