The Icicle\Socket\Connector\DefaultConnector class (implements Icicle\Socket\Connector\Connector) asynchronously connects to a remote server, returning a coroutine that is fulfilled with an instance of Icicle\Socket\Socket when the connection is successfully established.


The host should be given as an IP address, as DNS lookups performed by PHP are synchronous (blocking). If you wish to use domain names instead of IPs, see Icicle\Dns\Connector\Connector.


    string $host,
    int|null $port = null,
    mixed[] $options = []
): \Generator

Connects asynchronously to the given IP or unix socket path on the given port number (null for unix socket).


Coroutine: Calls to this function must be preceded with yield within another coroutine or wrapped with new Coroutine() to create an awaitable.


string $host
IP address or unix socket path. (Using a domain name will cause a blocking DNS resolution. Use the DNS component to perform non-blocking DNS resolution.)
int|null $port = null
Port number or null for unix socket.
mixed[] $options = []

An associative array of client socket options. The possible options are given below.

Option Type Description
protocol string The protocol to use, such as tcp, udp, s3, ssh. Defaults to tcp.
timeout float Number of seconds until connection attempt times out. Defaults to 10 seconds.
name string Name to verify certificate. May match CN or SAN names on certificate. (PHP 5.6+)
cn string Host name (common name) used to verify certificate. e.g., *
allow_self_signed bool Set to true to allow self-signed certificates. Defaults to false.
verify_depth int Max levels of certificate authorities the verifier will transverse. Defaults to 10.
cafile string Path to bundle of root certificates to verify against.

Resolution value

Fulfilled with once the connection is established.

Rejection reasons

If the connection attempt fails (such as an invalid host).
If the connection attempt times out.


See for links to download a bundle of CA Root Certificates that may be used for the cafile option if needed.

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