A resolver finds the IP addresses for a given domain. A resolver is essentially a specialized executor that performs only A or AAAA queries (defaults to A queries, use 'mode' => Resolver::IPv6 in the $options array for AAAA records).

The default implementation is Icicle\Dns\Resolver\BasicResolver, which is constructed by passing an Icicle\Dns\Executor\Executor instance to the constructor that is used to execute queries to resolve domains. If no executor is given, the global executor instance is used.


    string $domain,
    array $options = []
): \Generator

Resolves a given domain and yields an array of IP addresses that match the given domain.


Coroutine: Calls to this function must be preceded with yield within another coroutine or wrapped with new Coroutine() to create an awaitable.


string $domain
The domain name to resolve.
mixed[] $options

An associative array of additional options. The available options are as follows:

Option Type Description
mode int Resolution mode: IPv4 or IPv6. Use the constants Resolver::IPv4 or Resolver::IPv6.
timeout float Timeout until query fails. Default is 2 seconds.
retries int Number of times to attempt the query before failing. Default is 5 times.

Like executors, a resolver will retry a query retries times if the name server does not respond within timeout seconds.

Resolution value

Array of resolved IP addresses. May be empty if the query is successful but no IP addresses could be found.

Rejection reasons

If sending the request or parsing the response fails.
If the server returns a non-zero response code or no response is received.


Even if there is only one or no matches at all for the given domain name, the return value will still resolve with an array if the DNS query itself was successful.


use Icicle\Coroutine\Coroutine;
use Icicle\Dns\Resolver\BasicResolver;
use Icicle\Loop;

$resolver = new BasicResolver();

$coroutine = new Coroutine($resolver->resolve(''));

    function (array $ips) {
        foreach ($ips as $ip) {
            echo "IP: {$ip}\n";
    function (\Exception $exception) {
        echo "Query failed: {$exception->getMessage()}\n";

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