The connector component connects to a server by first resolving the hostname provided, then making the connection and resolving the returned coroutine with an instance of Icicle\Socket\Socket. Icicle\Dns\Connector\Connector implements Icicle\Socket\Connector\Connector and Icicle\Dns\Connector\Connector, allowing it to be used anywhere a standard connector (Icicle\Socket\Connector\Connector) is required or allowing components to require a resolving connector (Icicle\Dns\Connector\Connector).

Icicle\Dns\Connector\Connector defines a single method, connect() that should resolve a host name and connect to one of the resolved servers, resolving the coroutine with the connected client.


    string $domain,
    int $port,
    array $options = [],
): \Generator

Icicle\Dns\Connector\DefaultConnector will attempt to connect to one of the IP addresses found for a given host name. If the server at that IP is unresponsive, the connector will attempt to establish a connection to the next IP in the list until a server accepts the connection. Only if the connector is unable to connect to all of the IPs will it reject the coroutine returned from connect(). The constructor also optionally accepts an instance of Icicle\Socket\Connector\Connector if custom behavior is desired when connecting to the resolved host.


Coroutine: Calls to this function must be preceded with yield within another coroutine or wrapped with new Coroutine() to create an awaitable.


string $domain
The domain name to connect to.
int $port
The socket port to connect to.
mixed[] $options = []

An associative array of additional options. The available options are as follows:

Option Type Description
mode int Resolution mode: IPv4 or IPv6. Use the constants Resolver::IPv4 or Resolver::IPv6.
timeout float Timeout until query fails. Default is 2 seconds.
retries int Number of times to attempt the query before failing. Default is 5 times.

Additionally, all the other options available to Icicle\Socket\Connector\Connector::connect() may also be used.

Resolution value

Connected client socket object.

Rejection reasons

If resolving the IP or connecting fails.


use Icicle\Dns\Connector\DefaultConnector;
use Icicle\Loop;
use Icicle\Socket\Socket;

$connector = new DefaultConnector();

$coroutine = new Coroutine($connector->connect('', 80));

    function (Socket $client) {
        echo "IP: {$client->getRemoteAddress()}\n";
        echo "Port: {$client->getRemotePort()}\n";
    function (Exception $exception) {
        echo "Connecting failed: {$exception->getMessage()}\n";

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