Write asynchronous code using synchronous coding techniques in PHP

Icicle uses Awaitables and Generators to create Coroutines, interruptible functions that use the yield keyword to define interruption points. When a Coroutine yields an Awaitable, execution of the coroutine is interrupted until the awaitable resolves.

Feature Highlights

See the API Documentation for more information.

Example Coroutine


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Icicle\Awaitable;
use Icicle\Coroutine\Coroutine;
use Icicle\Loop;

$generator = function (float $time) {
    try {
        // Sets $start to the value returned by microtime() after approx. $time seconds.
        $start = yield Awaitable\resolve(microtime(true))->delay($time);

        echo "Sleep time: ", microtime(true) - $start, "\n";

        // Throws the exception from the rejected awaitable into the coroutine.
        return yield Awaitable\reject(new Exception('Rejected awaitable'));
    } catch (Throwable $e) { // Catches awaitable rejection reason.
        echo "Caught exception: ", $e->getMessage(), "\n";

    return yield Awaitable\resolve('Coroutine completed');

// Coroutine sleeps for 1.2 seconds, then will resolve with a string.
$coroutine = new Coroutine($generator(1.2));
$coroutine->done(function (string $data) {
    echo $data, "\n";


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